Portable Power Pack 36V/40Vmax LXT®/XGT™ Li-Ion





  • 1,200 Wh high capacity
  • Our first over 1,000 Wh energy capacity battery
  • Enables a DUB362 to operate over 1 hour at the highest speed (at dial 6)
  • Equipped with built-in battery cells
  • Compatible with 18Vx2 LXT, 40Vmax XGT, 36V direct power connection
  • Quickly removable harness allows for use as a stationary power pack
  • Height-adjustable waist belt for personal fit and comfort
  • Main power switch with 8-hour auto-off function
  • 4-LED fuel gauge indicates the battery status by four green LEDs
  • Wet Guard/ IPX4 compatible when used with the compatible tool
  • Intermediate connector between power tool and PDC1200 is automatically disconnected, if the cord from power tool is loaded with a certain weight or over
  • Stand enables the user to stand PDC1200 upright on an appropriate workbench and to slip it on user’s back easily, regardless of the position of the waist belt
  • Reflectors keep operator visible from a distance even in the dark
  • Charger DC4001 specially designed for PDC1200
  • 6 hours to full charge with the charger DC4001 specially designed for PDC1200
  • Category 1 (Compatible*1 and recommended in the instruction manual): Chain saw*2, Blower*3, Grass trimmer*4, String trimmer*4, Multi function power head*4, Hedge trimmer, Pole saw, Angle grinder, Rotary hammer (as of June, 2020). *1 The model in this category is compatible with 18Vx2 LXT, 40Vmax XGT or 36V direct power connection platforms. *2 Excluding top-handle type: DUC252, DUC302, DUC352, DUC256, DUC306, DUC356, DUC406, DUC256C. *3 DUB362 automatically stops due to the battery protection function when running continuously at the highest speed (at dial 6) under high temperature environment (40°C or higher). *4 The nylon cord diameter should be ø2.0mm or less and the cutting width should be 350mm or less when the following models are used with PDC1200: DUR364L, DUR365U, DUR366L, DUR368A, DUR368L, DUX60.
  • Category 2 (Compatible*1 but not recommended in the instruction manual): Products not belonging to neither Category 1 nor 3 (as of June, 2020). *1 The model in this category is compatible with 18Vx2 LXT, 40Vmax XGT or 36V direct power connection platforms
  • Category 3 (Not compatible): Backpack type product (Vacuum cleaner / Pruning shears) / Products, to which the tool adapter cannot be connected due to the stopper rib (DHR280 / DHR281 / DHR282 / DHR283 / DHS710 / DHS711*5) / Battery adapter separate type ( BAP18 / BAP18C / BAP182 / BCV01 / PDC01) / Due to other factors (Lawn mower / DHW080) (as of June, 2020). *5 Circular saw belongs to Category 2. Therefore, in the instruction manuals of Circular saw and PDC1200, it is not described that it is not compatible with PDC1200
  • Retractable handle. UN Transportation Classification: Class 9-1A Hazardous goods (due to over 100 Wh battery)

Standard Equipments:

Harness, Adapter for 36V (18V x2) (191J51-5) , Charger (DC4001)


Capacity 33.5 Ah
Energy Capacity 1,206 Wh
Number of Cells 100
Charging Time (hours) 6
Power Supply Cord Battery Side: 1.1 m (3.6 ft)
Adapter Side: 0.6 m (2.0 ft)
Dimensions (L x W x H) w/o Harness: 369 x 261 x 139 mm (14-1/2 x 10-1/4 x 5-1/2″)
w/ Harness: 428 x 261 x 164 mm (16-7/8 x 10-1/4 x 6-1/2″)
Net weight 8.8 kg (19.4 lbs.)


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