11pcs Pass-thru Wrench Set





  • Sockets work on 6-point,12-point, square, E-T, spline and partially rounded hex fasteners
  • Pass-thru socket/wrench system works over long threaded rod
  • Hex jaw design reduces slippage and grips bolt tightly
  • Laser etched scaled (SAE/MM) for quick and easy adjustments to fastener size
  • Angled tooth pattern on the pipe wrench jaw side provides extra gripping force
Standard Equipments:

Pass thru sockets in the following sizes: • 10mm • 11mm • 12mm • 13mm • 14mm • 15mm • 16mm • 17mm • 18mm • 19mm, 200mm pass-thru adjustable wrench


Length 200mm (8″)
Material Steel
Pack Size 11
Wrench Type Adjustable
Head Style Hex
Handle Type Metal


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